Toyota Launches i-ROAD 3-Wheel Electric Vehicle

Most automobile manufacturers have brought amazing supercars and premium sedans to the Geneva Motor Show this year, and it is even more curious to look at a few exceptions. In particular, Toyota introduced an interesting alternative. The new concept of the Japanese brand is called i-ROAD, and this ultra-compact electric tricycle has a futuristic design, reminiscent of Tron in style.

Despite the futuristic appearance, the car has a rather modest purpose and a more modest performance, than the Lit Motors C-1 analog presented a year earlier.



The three-wheeled electric vehicle has an engine of quite low capacity, which is enough for acceleration to the speed of 48 km/h and traveling around the city. The battery does not have high capacity, and its charge is only enough for 48 km, though you are unlikely to need more for the daily work in an urban environment.



High maneuverability is provided by the sloping design of the front wheels, and the interior with only two seats is surprisingly spacious and comfortable.




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