Solar E-Car Sunswift Violet

The world has become literally obsessed with electric cars; even students are creating these vehicles today. Most recently, a group of enthusiasts has introduced a sedan powered by an electric motor with solar panels, which is charged faster than it consumes the charge available.

Sometimes, in order to create something really new, it is necessary to take advantage of the young talents’ mind that is “not burdened” by experience. This statement may seem strange, but that is exactly what they did at the University of New South Wales, developing a sixth-generation electric car, which should take part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in the near future. The car was named Sunswift Violet, and it was developed exclusively by students.

The gifted youth came up with a really interesting concept of an electric car. Its extremely unusual design strikes you immediately. However, the sophistication of shapes and the design does not prevent yu from recognizing a sedan. It may seem that Sunswift Violet is not a very big car, but in reality it’s easy for a driver and three more passengers to fit in its cabin. In other words, this is a typical example of a family car.

The machine is almost entirely made of aluminum and carbon fiber. This, on the one hand, gives it incredible lightness, and on the other hand, determines the strength of its design. One immediately notices the solar panels, which were installed on the hood and the roof of the electric car. The car is charged from them. Of course, this is not the main source of power. The engine is powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Perhaps the main achievement of the team that created Sunswift Violet was that they managed to significantly reduce the level of electricity consumption when driving. The students argue that the car can run for up to 3 thousand kilometers in sunny weather without the need for recharging. At the same time, the sedan has everything inside for a comfortable travel: from an information and entertainment center and an air-conditioner to its own Wi-Fi access.

The maximum speed of the sedan is 130 km/h. Without solar panels, the car will run for about 800 kilometers at the speed of 60 km/h. The machine works on two electric motors for 1.5 kW. By the way, this beautiful car weighs only 380 kilograms. The coefficient of aerodynamic resistance is 0.2 points.