Smart Electric Foldable Scooter Immotor GO

In the near future, a new vehicle will appear on the market. The unique electric scooter can be a tough competitor of urban bikes that are currently gaining popularity. The innovation will be useful to everyone who has to move around in a densely populated city with heavy traffic.


So, the new electric scooter Immotor was created by Californian enthusiasts. Currently, the project is at the start-up stage, but drawing investment on a popular crowdfunding site has almost come to an end. Immotor is bound to appear on the market in 2017. 45 thousand dollars, necessary for the start of the project, had been collected over the first 18 hours of the campaign. By the way, this miracle of technology will cost about $400.


The Immotor scooter runs on an electric motor. It is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. One battery is sufficient for up to 20 kilometers of riding; it is fully recharged in a matter of 4 hours. It is very easy to change the batteries, and a smartphone can help you keep track of their capacity. Immotor application will report on the need to replace the battery.


The electric scooter with the battery weighs 12 kilograms. The battery itself weighs 0.8 kg. During the drive, the battery can also be used to charge your gadgets: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, etc.


The already mentioned Immotor app will allow to tightly interact with the vehicle. In addition to general monitoring of the state of the scooter, the application works as a lock. It has the parental control mode, and the mode of admitting relatives and friends. The Immotor scooter has a GPS module, which will track the location of the vehicle from a smartphone.

Moving forward is possible due to the engine and due to leg strength. All the basic functions of the scooter, like braking, manipulation the LED lighting, acceleration, speed control and power consumption, are performed with the help of the steering interface and buttons. The scooter also has its own sound system, which can be synchronized with your smartphone.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Immotor can be used in one of three configurations: the basic one – for riding; the “cargo” modification – for carrying bags; and the compact one – Immotor can be folded and carried in hand. The latter option is useful in public transport and when entering the building. In addition, the scooter can be kept in a vehicle.