Sentry APC Assault Vehicle

Canadian engineers have created a new armored vehicle for law enforcement officers. The novelty has already drawn the attention of the US riot police, who decided to buy some vehicles.


The Canadian INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing company is known in North America primarily for the production of armored vehicles for the army, police and Special Forces. Not so long ago the Canadians presented a new model of tactical armored vehicle called Sentry APC Assault Vehicle.


The car was created specifically for the American SWAT units. The vehicle can be used in the conditions of fierce urban clashes – for example, when the protest comes out of control. This feature explains why Sentry APC Assault Vehicle, unlike many other police cars, has such an impressive bulletproof armor that can hold off 7.62 mm rounds. The vehicle is also protected from firebombs, and its bottom is armored as if it were an army vehicle – in case it gets blown up by a land mine.


The car design is crowned by an impressive bumper with a shield that is added for obvious reasons. The police vehicle is powered with a 362 horsepower, 6.7-liter diesel V8 engine. The vehicle admits 8 people; at the same time there is still plenty of room for special equipment and the special police munition. Together with the policemen, the Sentry APC Assault Vehicle can also accommodate a military engineer robot. At the rear, there is an escape hatch.