Self-Driving E-Car Fisker EMotion

Almost eight months ago, a car designer from Denmark announced ambitious plans to create a premium electric vehicle, Fisker EMotion. The vehicle demonstration is scheduled for June 30, 2017, and in the meantime very scarce, but impressive technical specifications leak to the mass media and the network.

According to the developers, the car will be able to travel at the speed up to 260 km/h (161 mph). Due to the batteries with graphene electrodes, the autonomous power reserve will be able to achieve almost 400 miles (640 km). The Ultra Charger ™ fast charging technology will allow you to charge the batteries for a quarter of the autonomous way (160 km) in just 9 minutes.

The car bodywork will be made of composite materials – carbon fiber and aluminum. The aerodynamics and the front part design will provide both energy savings and maximum protection for passengers. Fisker EMotion will be equipped with 360o cameras that help the driver to see and the autopilot to scan their environment and make decisions quickly. The LIDAR optical system in conjunction with space sensors that are mounted at the rear of the car provide the autopilot with all the necessary information for safe driving.

According to the official website of the company, the release of EMotion Fisker is scheduled for the end of June, although insiders claim that the date can be shifted even to the beginning of next year. Luxury cars from the famous designer will cost 129 thousand dollars.