Self-Balancing Motorbike by Honda

The newest Honda motorcycle has been presented at the CES exhibition. The main feature of this stylish futuristic invention is that it uses an almost unique system of self-balancing.

A lot of amazing and unique things are shown at the Consumer Electronics Show annually.
The year 2017 was no exception. From the very beginning of the event, traditionally held in Las Vegas, it was announced that Honda had intended to display its new creation. Indeed, the brand-new motorcycle Honda NC750S was presented in the company’s pavilion a few days after the opening of the exhibition. The product’s key feature is self-balancing without any help from man.

Automatic motorcycle balancing is achieved due to using the “unicycles Honda” technology. It keeps the vehicle in the upright perpendicular position both when the driver is present at the steering wheel and when he is not there. This is not the only thing that makes NC750S exceptional. The bike is also equipped with an autopilot. It cannot ride on the road instead of a human driver, but it can follow him at a slow speed.

Besides, the bike has an incredible futuristic design. It looks really amazing. The design was developed taking into account the latest trends in ergonomics. It can also be optimized for the driver’s specific needs. This mainly concerns the weight and height parameters. The bike has an automatic transmission.

This creation of Honda engineers shows how an ordinary motorcycle will look like in 2025. In their opinion, the demand for motorcycles will grow in the near future as cars overload the city traffic, and bicycles are not without flaws.