Scooter Skateboard Bike Hybrid Sbyke P-20

An unusual vehicle that could conquer the hearts of cyclists, skateboard enthusiasts and fans of extreme sports has entered the market quite recently. It is very rare that designers manage to create something similar.

One of the most attractive features of the technical and scientific process is constant search. However, we must admit that this “search” sometimes leads us into terrible jungle. Wandering around the wilds of technology often pertains with an incredible amount of the most diverse and frankly bizarre ideas. This time was no exception.

Enthusiastic engineers have presented a real “chimera” among individual vehicles. Like the mythological monster, new Sbyke P-20 incorporates the elements of three vehicles: a bike, a scooter and a skateboard. It has a high front wheel, a steering wheel, hand brakes and two small rear wheels. This scooter skateboard bike also has a running board, where the rider should be located. It is made of layered wood, whereas much of the vehicle elements are made of metal, plastic and carbon fiber.

One of the key features of the P-20 Sbyke vehicle is its design, which allows 360-degree turns without any difficulty. It may be convenient, especially when driving on narrow city streets, crowded with people.

The vehicle weighs just over 13 kilograms. Another important detail is that P-20 Sbyke is folded and disassembled in a matter of seconds, making it easy to transport the vehicle by public transportation or by car. It is suitable for both quiet and extreme ride. Whatever styles the fan of riding may choose, he will definitely get a lot of unforgettable emotions.