Scooter S3TR

Hungarian designer Vladimir Bošnjak has offered his own version of the segway called S3TR.

Unlike the original segway, the gadget has 3 wheels: the diameter of the front wheel is equal to 508 mm, and two rear wheels are 200 mm in diameter. This design is more stable and requires less room to maneuver.


The built-in set of 9Ah batteries is capable of providing a power reserve of up to 30 km, with a maximum speed not exceeding 28 km/h. The size of S3TR is 105 x 65 x 135 cm, and its weight is 38.8 kg. Its construction allows the gadget to be packed for transportation as its size can be reduced to 72 x 60 x 30 cm. The approximate release date and the cost of S3TR have not been reported yet.


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