Rocket Streamliner Infor Bike Sets World’s Speed ​​Record

Rocket Streamliner Infor has become the fastest motorcycle released by the British Triumph motor company. This incredible bike has shown the top speed of 441.1 km/h on the Bonneville dry salt lake in the US state of Utah.


The motorcycle (if you can call this two-wheeled rocket so), piloted by Guy Martin, broke the previous Triumph record of 395.4 km/h . The ride was conducted in preparation for the official attempt to beat the current speed record among the motorcycles in the world. We remind you that the official Triumph speed record of 395.4 km/h was set by Bob Leppan on Gyronaut X-1 in 1966.


The streamliner Infor managed to develop the speed of 441.1 km/h on Monday, August 8, on the last day of team training. As stated by the Triumph engineers, the weather conditions were almost ideal. By late summer, the company plans to return to Bonneville and try to break the current speed record for motorcycles (605.698 km/h), which was set by Rocky Robinson on Top Oil-Ack Attack Streamliner in 2010.


What is the record-breaking bike like? The dimensions of Streamliner Infor are 7,8 x 0,6 x 0,8 m. It is equipped with two turbocharged engines (running on methanol) from Triumph Castrol Rocket, with a total capacity of 1000 hp at 9000 rpm.