Private Submarines Ortega Submersibles Mk.1B & Mk.1C

Private submarines are gaining popularity and becoming a more affordable kind of individual transportation. In this review, we are going to discuss interesting underwater projects that have become a big step towards people.

One believes not without reason that the most romantic trips must take place by boat. If we continue to develop this idea, it becomes quite obvious that water voyages are among the most fascinating, intense, interesting and even extreme ways of recreation. Unfortunately, a boat is severely limited in its possibilities as a vehicle. It is for this reason that the Dutch Ortega company has decided to present an alternative water vehicle – a mixture of a pleasure boat and a submarine.

Thus, the Dutch have once again proved that shipbuilding traditions are in their blood. A new series of pleasure boat submarines is called Ortega Submersibles and includes two vehicle models at the moment: Mk.1B and Mk.1C. The key difference between the presented samples is in the number of passenger seats. The first model can take two people on board, while the second one is designed for three people.

Both private submarines are driven by two powerful electric motors. It is worth saying that each of them is much more useful in the underwater world rather than on roads. However, the private submarine will perform equally well both under water and on the hard surface. This approach makes Ortega Submersible boats an excellent choice for all kinds of people: travel lovers, romantic people, fans of extreme sports and people with various hobbies, in this or that way related to submerging.

Ortega Submersibles can be used even for research purposes. An important advantage of each submarine of this kind is that it can be equipped with additional devices and accessories of varying usefulness and necessity. For example, you can add sonar devices and magnetometers, lights and cameras, etc.

Each of the boats also has a cargo hold for 250 liters of luggage. There are several tanks with oxygen. Boats can dive for 310 meters. As for the speed of movement, it reaches 10.4 miles per hour, and the sink rate can reach 12 or more miles per hour. The power reserve depends on the modification of the submarine and will be enough for 69-92 miles. The boat length of Mk.1B is 5.9 meters, and the length of Mk.1C is 6.5 meters.