Plastic Electric Car Rimono

Have you ever dreamed of a plastic car? The idea to produce cars of this material seems strange and unsafe, but the Japanese engineers from Tokyo automobile companies claim that the plastic parts of the car are as durable as steel components.

The production will be based on thermoplastics GFRTP and CFRTP, created by Mitsui Chemicals Company. They are modified polyamides with high thermal stability, reinforced with glass fiber and carbon fiber. According to their specific strength, GFRTP and CFRTP exceed steel by 3 times and aluminum alloys by 1.5 times.

The weight of the tiny two-seater electric vehicle Rimono is only 320 kg with the dimensions of 2200x1000x1300 centimeters. Experts say that in mass production the vehicle’s weight will be reduced to 200 kg due to the fact that the frame, the hood, front fenders and doors are made from ultra-thermoplastics and not from steel as the prototype. Reducing the weight will increase the distance the car can overcome on a single charge. The maximum speed reaches 45 km/h.

The power used by the motor is 5 kW. Electric Rimono car is positioned as the ideal vehicle for traveling over short distances. Parts of Rimono body are covered with polyurethane foam and waterproof durable fabric that is produced by Teijin and easily replaceable. Any user can “paint” the electric car to his/her liking.