Passenger Drone

European Passenger Drone company has developed its own flying vehicle, designed for the transportation of two people. The new model should be a worthy competitor for the German Volocopter, which is testing its flying taxi in Dubai.

The video materials shown by the representatives of Passenger Drone demonstrated flight tests of an experimental flying taxi. The tests are performed using manual control under the guidance of a professional pilot. At the same time, the developers claim that serial samples will retain the function of switching from the driverless to manual control mode.

Passenger Drone body is made of carbon fiber, and the cabin is very similar to that of a helicopter. The model is equipped with 16 rotor electric motors, each of which has its own battery. The flight time is from 30 to 35 minutes at a speed of up to 64 km/h. The distance to be overcome does not exceed 32 km, which is quite enough for moving in urban conditions. As the company’s engineers emphasize, Passenger Drone allows to install more capacious batteries to increase the flight range, but then the weight and cost of the vehicle will increase, which is not a priority.

At the moment, Passenger Drone is going through test flights, and the first public demonstrations are planned for 2018, they will be held within the framework of the CES exhibition in January.