P2 Hoverbike for US Army

The UK based engineering company, Malloy Aeronautics, has been seriously keen on developing hoverbikes over the past few years. They have even turned to the Kickstarter fundraising service. Now the project can receive a new direction as a considerable interest by the United States Department of Defense. Under the terms of their agreement, Malloy Aeronautics will be engaged in the development of air transport for the US Army.

US Department of Defense got interested in hoverbikes for several reasons. Firstly, they are safe: their blades are not a threat to human or the surrounding objects. Secondly, the use of hoverbikes will be cheaper than any other air transport. Finally, they are more maneuverable in a limited space and can manage both directly (with a pilot), or remotely.

The creators said that their development can become a perfect tool for search and rescue operations, and can also be used for cargo delivery. Do not forget about the potential of hoverbikes in military intelligence: Malloy Aeronautics plans to release a version with a humanoid, the head of which will be equipped with a built-in camera.

In the nearest future, Malloy Aeronautics will be engaged in the creation of a new full-scale and operating hoverbike model, which will become the prototype of the air motorcycle for the US Army. Meanwhile, the British will continue to work on miniature bikes.


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