One-Wheel Electric Scooter Ryno

The production of the limited series of one-wheel Ryno scooters has started in America. The unusual invention, which was introduced last year, found its buyers, despite the relatively high price.

The creators of the new vehicle say that limited series will be produced so far. Ryno Motors Company assembles five dozen unicycle Ryno scooters.


Main technical characteristics:

  • Gyroscopic sensors that help to balance perfectly. The unusual vehicle can be controlled by leaning the body.
  • The maximum speed is about 40 km/h.
  • The charge lasts for 30-40 kilometers.
  • The price of a copy of Ryno Motors scooter reaches $25,000. The reporter, who had the possibility of riding a scooter, claims that the vehicle can be mastered easily in just a few minutes.


To move the machine to the left or to the right, the steering wheel is used. Also, there are buttons for brake and acceleration on the steering wheel.

Previously, the company wrote that the value of the mass Ryno version had to be about $3,000. Now the price has increased by almost a thousand. The machine will be complemented with the disk brake and a battery that can be charged at home.


The main difference from similar scooters is that these machines are run on electricity, so there is no gas waste and ugly smoke.



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