Nissan BladeGlider Concept Car

Nissan has shown a prototype of its new electric car BladeGlider at the Tokyo Motor Show exhibition.


The vehicle has a narrower front and a wider back with 3 seats. The car is equipped with an onboard computer with a variety of features, including a particularly interesting protection system against a drunk driver. BladeGlider is driven by two electric motors, one for each rear wheel. Thanks to the carbon-fiber body and an overall reduction of weight, this prototype uses less energy than Nissan autopilot Leaf.

At CEATEC, Nissan has demonstrated its new Leaf car, which is able to move around the city without a driver. The vehicle is equipped with 5 laser sensors, scanning the surrounding area. They help to stick to a specified route and respond to the changing situation on the road. The car has a speed limit of 70 km/h, and its on-board computer runs on Windows 8.1 OS.


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