nanoFlowcell Quantino Car

A new car, created by a company from Liechtenstein, has revolutionized the idea of ​​modern electric vehicles. Due to its specificity and innovative qualities, the developed machine has already been nicknamed Quantino Car.

It seems next to impossible to come up with anything new after Tesla released its magnificent electric supercars. These cars not only help save money on gasoline, but also are environmentally friendly and can even reach the speed of their gasoline counterparts. However, electric vehicles suffer from one serious problem: they need to be recharged, and it takes quite a long time. Quantino Car designed by the nanoFlowcell company from Liechtenstein can change this situation.

Quantino works very differently from conventional electric vehicles. Thanks to 4 electric motors with the total capacity of 108 horses, Quantino can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in less than five seconds and can even reach the speed of over 210 km/h. Despite the fact that this is a phenomenal achievement for a low-power motor, a completely different thing makes this car unique – the use of the Nanoflow Cell technology.

The motors are powered by supercapacitors, which receive power from two flow batteries. This electric vehicle never needs to be recharged because instead of a conventional fuel it uses special ionic liquid. This ionic liquid is stored in two 159-liter tanks. Without going into technical details, NanoFlowcell flow batteries are based on the principle of ionic charge exchange in special electrolytes, which are contained in two separate tanks.

Despite the fact that this car has not yet gone into mass production, the preliminary tests indicate its incredible efficiency. During the last test, Quantino was traveling for over 14 hours and 3 minutes, and the fuel tanks were still 78% full. As the developers say, a single charge is enough for the car to cover the distance of about 1,000 kilometers.