Motorcycle Helmets Looking Like Scalps

Funny motorcycle helmets in the form of male baldness could become a trend this season. It is not known whether glamorous ladies will dare to ride in such a helmet, but men are likely to adore them.


At the design exhibition, held recently in Dubai, very unusual helmets for motorcyclists were presented by digital printing designer John Mulloor. Only four helmets were displayed, each of them looking like a bald head.


Each helmet is a replica of the skull of some individual. Looking at a motorcyclist in a helmet like this, the surrounding people may think he has decided to ride without protection. However, one needs to be at a respectable distance from the rider because the glasses, the visors and the harness still reveal that the unusual helmet is still there. The author claims that his helmets are nothing but supernatural design.


Despite the unusual and even provocative appearance, the helmets look nice. As for their basic function of protecting, everything is perfect. According to their technical quality, these helmets are no different from any other means of protection.


The designer did not introduce any structural changes in the helmets. Such a helmet can be ordered. However, skeptics claim that they can be created by any more or less skillful artist, who works with digital printing.