MOTOPOGO One-Wheeled Motorcycle

We used to be astonished by the unusual design of Segway. However, it’s time to make room, as Kickstarter is raising funds for mass production of the Moto Pogo electric one-wheeled motorcycle, introduced by Canadian entrepreneur Carl Dagenais.

The vehicle is operated by a rider – you have to bend forward to accelerate the movement and to lean back to slow down. To turn left or right, the rider needs to lean in the right direction. Accelerometers, gyroscopes and a microcomputer are responsible for the balance of the trip. The one-wheeled scooter is equipped with a lithium battery at 10 amps powering a 500 watt brushless motor that can develop a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

One charge lasts for 30 kilometers. Recharging the battery from the electrical supply network takes from three to five hours. Other features of Moto Pogo include an aluminum frame, front and rear LED lights, a rear mud flap and regenerative braking. The scooter weighs 29 kg, with maximum load up to 150 kg. Moto Pogo is compact and, if necessary, it can easily fit in a boot of an average car. The scooter can be convenient and indispensable for pleasure trips around the city. The price of the new vehicle is estimated at $2,200.


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