MoDe:Me & MoDe:Pro E-Bikes

Ford Motor Company has unveiled prototypes of smart electric bikes MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro at the Mobile World Congress. These bikes are designed for private and commercial use in cities. Ford is going to explore the possibility of integrating electric bikes into urban public transportation. As the starting point of the experiment, Ford asked its employees from around the world to submit designs of electric bicycles. Prototypes of electric bikes MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro were presented at the Mobile World Congress exhibition among the best 100 projects.

Both electric bikes are equipped with an electric motor, which produces 200 watts of power, and the battery capacity of 9 ampere-hours, which provides additional rotation of the pedals, so you can effortlessly move at the speed of up to 25 km/h. Prototypes of electric bikes use the technologies based on the decisions of automobile industry, including, for example, an ultrasonic sensor which analyzes the traffic behind. The system will alert the rider about the approximation of a car by means of a vibrating steering wheel; it will also inform the driver of the presence of electric bikes – turning on the lights on the steering wheel. Electric bikes fold easily and can be put in the trunk of any Ford car.

E-bike MoDe:Me, designed with the support of Dahon, a well-known manufacturer of bikes, is created for urban residents. This electric bike will allow unimpeded traveling to work even in the congested urban traffic. E-bike MoDe:Pro was designed by the Ford team for commercial use in an urban environment: by couriers, electricians, or delivery services.


After the user enters the destination, MoDe:Link application will provide a list of possible routes. Detailed instructions can include a trip to the railway station and then a bike ride from the station to the destination. In addition, the application updates the route as the situation changes. For example, if the trains are canceled, the application may suggest another means of transportation.


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