Lunicycle – A New Unicycle You Can Master

Unicycles are gaining more and more popularity in the 21st century. Through the efforts of enthusiasts, this type of transport is becoming more and more available for the majority of people.


At the dawn of cycling, a unicycle enjoyed solid popularity. Over the years, the popularity has gone, and these bikes were replaced with usual two-wheeled ones. The most important and obvious drawback of the unicycle has always been the difficulty in mastering it.


Nevertheless, we are confident that this type of bike is among the most interesting ones. Fortunately, today many enthusiasts are seeking to simplify riding a unicycle, making it popular with the crowd.


Recently, a group of enthusiasts have created a new modern unicycle, called Lunicycle. It has been developed for over a year and a half, and today, we can call it a “simplified” version of the “classic” unicycle. As expected, there is no seat in Lunicycle, however, pedals have been significantly redesigned. The fact is that Lunicycle is comfortable enough to stand on, though it may not seem so until you try.

In general, Lunicycle is managed quite easily. However, like with any other unicycle, you should to learn how to keep the balance first. As with a conventional bike, when you learn to stand on a unicycle once, you will never forget how to do this again. Training can take from several hours to two or three days. After weeks of practice, a cyclist will be able to ride Lunicycle without any problems. Of course in the early stages it is recommended to use protective equipment – a helmet, knee and elbow pads. Do not forget about gloves, as well.