Lopifit: a Walking Bike

The phrase “to walk in order to ride” sounds a bit strange, but it is this principle that the world’s first electric bicycle was based on, combining a bike with a treadmill. It is the ideal solution for those who really care about their health.

The inventors’ imagination is truly boundless. This invention is an electric bike, where you need to walk – no matter how paradoxical this may sound – rather than to pedal it in order to set it in motion. Lopifit is the world’s first “walking bike.” In many ways, it reconsiders the traditional concept of a bicycle, and there is no doubt that it will become a real revolution in the world of electric bicycles.

At first glance, Lopifit seems to be a hybrid of the bike and the treadmill, but in fact it is something more significant. According to the developers, Lopifit is a new way to not only get the benefits of exercise on the treadmill, but a great way to exercise outdoors.

From a technical point of view, this is an electric bike: the device is equipped with an electric Quantum motor, which operates thanks to walking on a treadmill. Such a solution helps the bike accelerate to the speed 4 times higher than the speed of a conventional bicycle. At the same time, if a person is going to cycle down the slope, the special function and the brakes turn on automatically, while the engine is switched off completely.

Lopifit has a cruising range of 55 kilometers and is even equipped with a cargo rack, LED lighting and a battery indicator. Lopifit is sold in 6 different colors, and its cost reaches $2,147.