Innovative E-Bike Cyclotron

Bicycle market is developing with stunning speed. More recently, a group of inventors introduced a unique bike, the body of which is almost entirely built of carbon fiber.


A very interesting bike project was initiated on one of the most popular crowdfunding sites, and it was immediately noticed. The project is called Cyclotron and, if successful, it can make a revolution in the field of two-wheeled transport. To be just, bike market has been actively developing in the recent years. However, Cyclotron promises to be the most extraordinary example of a human’s engineering genius.

The story of Cyclotron should start, perhaps, with the most obvious things, which catches the eye naturally and immediately – its look and design. The secret lies in the fact that the bike’ body is made mostly of carbon fiber impregnated with special resins. This gives it incredible strength, reliability and most importantly – allows producing Cyclotron quickly, cheaply and in great numbers.


Cyclotron has a lot of other benefits and advantages. First of all, it uses both mechanical and electronic traction systems. In the latter case, the gear shift is achieved in 0.2 seconds. The bike is equipped with a dynamo and a small electric motor and battery. They feed the on-board systems and lighting. The batteries can be removed from the case and charged via USB.

We should also mention the integrated GPS module that is synchronized with a smartphone and allows some additional features, like tracking your bike’s location. Speaking of the additional features, the design of Cyclotron allows you to turn it into a three-wheeled bike with a sidecar where two children can sit.