Hubless Foldable Bike Sada

This bike meets all the requirements concerning urban bicycles: it is light, convenient, stylish, and folding. Moreover, it is folded by just one pressing to the size of a male umbrella. It can easily be taken down to the subway; you can easily get on a crowded bus with it.

Sada Collapsible Bike is a folding bike, created by Italian designer and engineer Gianluca Sada. This is a portable version of an urban means of transportation. The idea of ​​a folding vehicle is certainly not new, but Sada bike has a number of advantages in comparison with its predecessors.


Sada Collapsible Bike has impressive 26-inch wheels. Thus, unlike other models of folding bicycles, the wheel size does not reduce speed, although it is definitely far behind the speed of the world’s fastest bike.


The manufacturer abandoned the idea of chain transmission, hubs and spokes in the wheels. Instead of them, a roller mechanism and a strengthened rim with a rubber tire on the outer side were used. The visual effect of this innovation is beautiful. However, skeptics believe that during a real trip the wheels will rather quickly get damaged. But the author of the project is optimistic.


The bike is folded literally with the help of one button. One just has to remove the wheels, remove the lock and press the saddle slightly forward to activate the mechanism that will fold Sada Collapsible Bike to the size of a men’s umbrella. When folded, the bike is not only easy to carry – it can be easily placed in a backpack.