Handbag Size Foldable Hyundai E-Scooter Ioniq

This gadget is a new solution in the field of personal mobility. Electric scooter Hyundai Ioniq Scooter is so light that it can be taken everywhere. It can be recharged from a car and can go straight to the workplace.

Hyundai has introduced this innovative concept at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas. The South Korean brand has developed a compact portable electric scooter, which has become an innovation in the field of personal mobility. A two-wheel device called Ioniq Scooter is so compact that it can be folded completely to take as much space as a small bag.

The electric scooter was designed for the driver to reach the workplace from the parking lot and vice versa. A rather small battery charge is usually enough to accomplish this task.

Ioniq Scooter may resemble a traditional scooter, but it is a full-fledged kind of transportation. It can be transformed from a folded state quickly and easily with one hand’s movement. The electric scooter is controlled by a switch located under the right hand’s thumb. When it rotates upward, the driving motor revolves more quickly, and when it is moved downward, the scooter begins to brake. Besides, you can slow down by pushing the plate over the rear wheel with your foot.

The technical characteristics of Ioniq Scooter have not been made public yet. Besides, it is not known what distance can be ridden on a single charge. The photos from Hyundai’s press release demonstrate that it can reach the speed of at least 20 km/h.

Moreover, Hyundai announced that their new hybrid 5-door hatchback Ioniq has a special space inside the driver’s door – just the size of a folded electric scooter. This is a more convenient solution than to keep it in the trunk. The door panel is equipped with a special charging port, so the driver can charge the battery of Ioniq Scooter while driving a car, as well as recharge the smartphone.

At the moment, Ioniq Scooter project is just a concept and is not commercially available. However, it can go into production as the Hyundai company continues to invest money in innovative solutions for the future.