GIBBS Amphibians Quadski

A new amphibious all-terrain vehicle has been presented in Detroit recently. In the near future, it will go on sale. Notwithstanding the fact that the project of such an all-terrain vehicle was suspended a few times, it is able to bypass many competitors today.

A new hybrid vehicle called GIBBS Quadski was presented in Detroit. This amphibian has both civilian and military purposes. The project actually started in 2006, but was interrupted twice for various reasons. As a result, GIBBS Quadski has been completely redesigned and modernized in 2015 to conform to the latest standards of the automotive market.

It is expected that the individual Amphibian will be released on sale in the coming months. The cost of the vehicle will be about 40,000 USD, but it will vary depending on the model and configuration.


GIBBS Quadski is powered by the 175-horsepower four-cylinder BMW Motorrad engine, supplied by a 57-liter fuel tank. This engine has an electronic fuel injection system and a water cooling system. It helps the all-terrain vehicle to accelerate to 72 km/h.

The weight of the vehicle is 590 kg, and it is designed just for one person. Its actual load is not currently reported. As for the qualities of the Amphibians vehicle, GIBBS Quadski fully complies with all modern trends. Transition to the amphibian mode is carried out manually by pressing a big red button on the dashboard panel. In this mode, GIBBS Quadski “folds” its wheels. It is impossible to carry out this transfiguration on land.

You can drive into a water reservoir without fear and at any speed. Before leaving water, you should transform to the land vehicle mode. The transition is performed in less than 3 seconds. GIBBS Quadski manufacturers expect that their product will be used mostly for civilian private purposes. They also consider the possibility of using this all-terrain vehicle by the police, the coast guard, lifeguards and other security agencies.