Ford Comes up with an Alternative City Car Carr-E

A new personal vehicle, which was developed by Ford engineers, is going to appear on the market. The novelty has already won several awards and has collected numerous accolades from experts.

In the past two years, all means of individual alternative transportation have become more and more popular in the masses, among designers and constructors. However, the issue does not concern bikes, scooters and roller skates, although they have received a new impetus to the development within this particular trend. This tendency deals with small transport units, which are often placed in a bag and are powered by an electric motor.


Every single month on the market is marked by an appearance of a startup, which aims at creating a vehicle in the spirit of the inventions described above. Most often, such projects are initiated by small businesses or enthusiasts, but this time the world famous Ford company joined in and presented their own Carr-E concept.

What is Carr-E? It is a compact electric vehicle for one person, designed to get around the city in the circumstances of transport and pedestrian traffic. Carr-E was designed by Ford’s factory in Cologne. This means of transportation has an impressive array of functions.


The electric board is designed for people weighing up to 120 kilograms. The maximum distance covered on asphalt is limited to 22 km as calculated for a fully charged battery with the maximum load. The maximum travel speed is 18 km/h, which is pretty good for such a vehicle.

Carr-E has an interesting feature of recognizing obstacles with the help of a set of infrared sensors. This system will help avoid a lot of unpleasant and even dangerous situations while driving. The built-in GPS module will track the location of the electric board vehicle in case it is stolen. It is also used for maintenance of its own audio-navigator, which will appear in future Carr-E models.