Foldable Liberty Trike E-Bike

Electric vehicles industry is gaining more and more with every day that passes. Very often, there are trends among bicycles. So, the campaign aimed at raising funds for the production of a 3-wheeled vehicle is at full swing on the Indiegogo site. But do not think that the bicycle is for a child. The product called Liberty Trike is designed for adults.


Controlling this vehicle, you do not need to keep the balance and pedal hard. Liberty Trike is equipped with an electric motor of 750 watts, and the battery will last for 39 kilometers. The power supply is restored within 3 hours. Trike is capable of carrying a general cargo weighing 136 kg (it can be one burly driver, a driver and a passenger or a person with a small baggage) and easily overcomes 18% slopes.

Its maximum travel speed is 18.5 km/h. The invention itself weighs 32 kg, while it can be divided into two parts of 16 kg – a handy feature when you want to carry it or climb the stairs. The Liberty Trike electric bicycle project has already gained the required amount of money to start its production. If you want to buy a pre-ordered product, the tricycle will cost $1,199. After its release in October 2016, the cost will be $1,998.


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