Flying Hoverbike

A well-known amateur inventor surprised the world with his new creation. Colin Furze managed to assemble his own hoverbike in just a few days. Needless to say, the engineer immediately demonstrated his makeshift vehicle in action.

While entire companies use incredible amounts of resources to create the world’s first full-fledged hoverbike, the famous inventor and blogger Colin Furze built his own hoverbike prototype in just a few days. He greatly simplified the vehicle, taking into account only the most important factors. The result is impressive, despite the fact that his hoverbike is still very far from being perfect.

As Colin Furze says, the idea to create a hovercopter came to him after he saw similar projects of other enthusiasts and companies. The inventor notes that the project was originally intended for fun. What is more, despite the relative simplicity of the vehicle’s construction, his first project was even simpler than the final prototype.


In fact, everyone can assemble such a hoverbike in his garage. However, Colin himself jokingly warns against repeating it, because the project is dangerous. The vehicle is based on an S-shaped frame with two petrol engines and two fixed propellers. If you have a close look at the design, you will be able to see similarities with twin-screw transport helicopters. In the basis of Colin’s creation, there is the same principle – two powerful propellers, rotating in opposite directions.

The prototype created by Colin can fly at low speed and is able to lift you 1 meter off the ground. Of course, the vehicle needs balancing and calibration. In its present form, it is far from being perfect. At the same time, Colin managed to prove that anyone who is willing can create something like this in his garage.