First Hydrogen Car Toyota Mirai

Car Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen electric alternative to the electric cars that have flooded the market. It has successfully completed the last “secret” stage of testing on the road. A few days ago, the company said they were ready to run the car into production.


Thanks to the efforts of the Japanese car manufacturers, hydrogen cars can become a commonplace phenomenon on the roads of various countries in the foreseeable future. Thus, the hybrid Toyota Mirai car on hydrogen engine is already ready to enter the world market.


The conceptual Toyota Mirai model was presented at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show for the first time. Later, the car was displayed to the public in the modified form in 2014 and 2015. It was expected that the car would be released on the road until the end of 2015, but later the date was postponed to 2016. At the same time, pre-selling of the cars started back in 2014 in Japan. Toyota Mirai costs about $57. In the US and Europe, Toyota Mirai will be sold after the official release.

The hydrogen car has a sedan body with four seats. The body length is 4870 mm, its width is 1810 mm, and the height reaches 1535 mm. The model is called ZBA-JPD10-CEDSS. The car uses only front-wheel drive. Its turning radius is 5.7 m, and the tire size is 215/55. It is traditionally equipped with light-alloy R17 wheels. The ground clearance is 130 mm. Today, that is all that is officially known about the technical components of Toyota Mirai.


The parameters of the car’s engine were also announced. The vehicle will be powered by FCA110, which will use Class FC stack fuel cells. The engine produces electricity by running a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. The maximum efficiency is 83%, compared with 1.3-liter petrol engine that gives only 38%. At the same time, the maximum engine power will be 153 horsepower.

Toyota Mirai does not create any harmful emissions; the motor of the car produces only energy in its purest form and water. Over 4 km, the car will emit only 240 millimeters of water into the atmosphere.


Much more important and interesting is that February 10, 2016, was the last day of Toyota Mirai 107-day test. The car was driven on the roads of Japan, the USA, Germany and many other countries. A total distance the car has covered is 100 thousand kilometers. During this time, the tires were changed twice, and the brake pads once. Fuel cells of a hydrogen car showed their best characteristics. The successful testing information was announced by Toyota only 1 day ago.