Electric off Road Rollerblades with Tank Treads

Polish inventor Jack Skopinski has created electric off-road rollerblades with rubber tank treads. The enthusiast says that his invention was a response to the growing consumer demand for personal vehicles, which are increasingly used by people to move from a transport stop (a subway station, a parking for vehicles, a bus stop and so on) to the place of work or residence.


The rollerblades are equipped with 350 W electric motors and 26 V/26 Ah Li-ion batteries. This allows you to reach the speed of up to 15 km/h. A single charge can let you travel for about 20 km. The speed ​​is regulated by the controller, which is connected by cable. Changing the direction is defined by the user’s body. The rollers are equipped with tank treads, which make it possible to travel off road, and their weight is 5 kg.