E-Bike Xterrain500 for Snow & Sand Tracks


Bicycles with classic wheels are not the most suitable vehicle to travel on sand or snow, high grass and other soft surfaces. For such extreme tracks, it is better to buy a fatbike. Xterrain500 is one of the representatives of this amusing vehicle. By the way, it is electric.

The front wheel of the model is smaller than the rear wheel, but it has the width of 10 inches with the diameter of 20 inches. Xterrain500 does not eliminate the need to rotate the pedals, but doing this becomes much easier thanks to the 500W electric motor, which performs some of the work. The power source is represented by the 48-volt battery. The battery capacity is 9 Ah, and a single charge is enough for 40 kilometers.


The vehicle is characterized by an excellent off-road maneuverability. In addition, the drive allows you to accelerate to 32 km/h on the road with a solid flat surface.


In the nearest future, the creators will begin to fundraise for the mass production of the prototype on Indiegogo. The estimated cost of Xterrain500 is $1,600.



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