Dyson to Launch an E-Car by 2020

The Dyson company, known all over the world for the production of hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and similar gadgets, has been secretly working on an electric car for the past 2.5 years. This was told by James Dyson, the CEO of the organization.

According to the head of Dyson company, their development is strikingly different from the competing models. Other electric cars, created at the moment, run on lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state analogs will be smaller and more efficient. Charging and disposing them is also much easier.

Four hundred engineers are working hard to create a Dyson electric car. A billion pounds sterling have already been invested in the project, but no one knows when the novelty will be released. According to James Dyson, it will happen in three years. But they should hurry. Toyota is already working on the creation of solid-state batteries, and their plans are to produce the latest generation of electric cars, working on such batteries. This is also expected to happen in three years. We will wait and find out which manufacturer will cope with the ambitious task more effectively, better and more harmoniously.