Coolest Bike Design Ever: BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100.3

Motorcycle department of the Bavarian BMW Motorrad company has demonstrated how bikes will look like in thirty years. It is a masterpiece among Vision Next 100 concept cars and different BMW Group brands. The bike is strikingly different from the existing trends in motorcycle design. But at the same time, it shares some characteristic features and fine details, typical of BMW products.


This concept is environmentally friendly and emission-free. But the shape of its engine still resembles the classic opposite cylinder block of an internal combustion engine. Horizontal cylinders need to be cooled by the air flow.


The idea of BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept radically changes the very basics of riding a motorcycle. The changes affect both safety and the driving style.


Like other Vision Next 100 concepts, the offered solutions of this motorcycle will hardly go into mass production. This is a purely theoretical perspective on what could be the future.


Two important differences distinguish BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 from other cool concept bikes.

Firstly, it has unusual steering. This concept has neither hinges nor bearings. Its frame can bend while driving. Besides, suspension is completely absent: there are neither levers nor dampers. Tires perform the function of suspension, and the BMW Company claims the bike is so stable that it will never fall.

Due to the phenomenal stability of the concept bike, they believe in the BMW Company that the biker will no longer need a helmet or protective clothing. Thanks to its special systems, the motorcycle just never falls. Everything the biker needs is special glasses and a suit. The display of these unusual glasses flashes interactive information about the motorcycle and its motion, such as the route. The suit provides the driver with increased comfort. It is heated or cooled when necessary.