Compact Foldable E-Bike COSWHEEL A-one

Combining a bicycle, a scooter, and an electric motor in a single vehicle is not a new idea. Each year, the world witnesses the appearance of many interesting hybrids which are ready to facilitate the movement of users on the crowded roads of towns and cities. COSWHEEL A-one gets on a par with them.


Born in the Chinese Shenzhen, it encompasses all the best features that a personal vehicle can offer a city dweller. A-one is endowed with a foldable, compact and relatively light design, making it easy for use, storing and transportation, for example, in the subway or by train. This portable bike is made from aircraft aluminum alloy, steel, and ABS-plastic; it weighs just 16.5 kg and can withstand the weight of up to 150 kg. The motor power is 350 watts, the maximum movement speed reaches 35 km/h. The fully charged battery will last for 35/45 kilometers (depending on the version of the purchased battery). 4-5 hours are needed to recharge the battery.

This E-bike is equipped with an LCD-display for the speed of movement, distance and other information. There is also a supporting application, designed for Android- and iOS-based devices, which will keep statistics, record routes, use GPS-navigation, select modes, and so on. On Kickstarter, the price of the convertible hybrid is $869. After the campaign is completed successfully, the deliveries will begin in August this year.