Best Automotive Technologies from CES-2016

The new products presented at CES-2016 have proved once again that the world of cars and the world of technology interact very closely, and this results in new concepts and management systems. Looking at these developments, we can see the car of the future.

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is, in the first place, an exhibition of technologies, but this year, car manufacturers have combined the event with the presentation of the most diverse and innovative concept cars.

The new models by Volkswagen, BMW, Aston Martin and a new manufacturer, Faraday Future, made a debut at the show, while others showcased their latest technologies and innovations. The most popular theme among this year’s new cars is network connection. Most manufacturers have shown how their cars will be able to connect to other smart devices in the future.

Large companies have also shown how they raise the level of vehicle technologies to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

See the overview of 17 key news in automotive technologies presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016.

1. Aston Martin Rapide S


Connected Car by Aston Martin is equipped with an infotainment system, developed by the Chinese technological giant, Letv. Aston Martin also plans to build an electric supercar for Letv.

2. The interior concept of Audi


Similar to the concept of e-tron quattro, the cabin of the new Audi is equipped with an infotainment system of the new generation.

3. Mirrorless concept BMW i8


BMW wants to demonstrate the benefits of replacing the exterior mirrors with cameras that can cover a wider field of view and warn drivers of danger.

4. Bosch touch screen


Bosch plans to help keep the driver’s eyes on the road with the help of a new infotainment system with tactile feedback.

5.Electric Chevrolet Bolt


The new, all-electric hatchback from General Motors claims mileage of 320 kilometers.

6. A crazy concept of Faraday Future


FFZERO1 is the first concept car by the new Chinese startup, which proved to be good enough to CES visitors to break their necks. The car announces the new company’s style.

7. The would-be autonomous Ford


Blue Oval triples their autonomous test vehicle army. Testing continues in a few US states.

8. Eye tracking system by Harman


The new Harman technology uses software to track the driver’s eye and a camera to monitor his condition and alertness.

9. A connected car, Jaguar F-Pace


Jaguar is working with Intel to show the possibilities of connected cars. This F-Pace will tell the driver if he or she would leave personal belongings at home.

10. Audi’s virtual reality


This year, Audi will use virtual reality headphones. This will allow clients to visualize their car in real time.

11. Kia Drive Wise


All the future Kia’s autonomous driving technologies will be developed under the name Drive Wise. The brand is going to be tested on public roads in Nevada.

12. Rinspeed Etos


The latest Rinspeed concept car is based on BMW i8 and equipped with a drone, which can be sent to pick a parcel or to stream the trip online. The car is also fully autonomous and has a customizable interior.

13. Mapping from Toyota


This is a new technology that constructs the image of the surroundings out of individual parts, using the data from GPS-devices and on-board cameras.

14. The vision of the future from BMW i


The technology lying in the base of this concept, i8 Spyder, includes a 21-inch HUD of the new generation, high-definition displays and more extensive traffic information.

15. Electric car, Volkswagen Budd-e


The new, fully electric, concept car from Volkswagen is a four-wheel drive MPV minivan, the release of which is expected before 2018.

16. The electronic system of Volkswagen e-Golf Touch


It is a new German infotainment system of the new generation with gestures management functions and advanced voice recognition.

17. Controlling your Volvo via smart watches


The owners of the Microsoft Band 2 smart watch will soon be able to partly control their vehicles.