Autonomous Concept Truck Concept by Zoltan Major

Automobile companies are already developing unmanned road management systems, and in the near future autonomous vehicles can flood our roads. With the development of this trend, our usual trucks may be replaced by the new machines, which will be able to cover the planned distance and route without direct human intervention and forced stops to have a rest. Designer Zoltan Major developed his own concept of a truck of the future.


According to his opinion, trucks will no longer need a cab driver, so the front part of the vehicle is changed; it has an aerodynamic design that will reduce air flow resistance and increase the efficient use of energy or fuel.


Navigation is facilitated by the sensors, scanning the track and road users, and the powerful on-board computer, which processes the incoming data and controls the unmanned truck maneuvers.


The movement of several autonomous trucks can be synchronized to optimize the traffic on the road.