Apple to Produce Electric Cars in 5 Years


According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to begin the production of cars in 2020. Bloomberg’s sources claim that the project employs 200 people, and the team of experts in the development of batteries and robotics has recently joined it. It is noted that the corporation will have to start the battle with Tesla Motors Inc. and General Motors for its consumers.

Both mentioned companies intend to launch electric vehicles by 2017; these cars will be able to cover the distance of more than 320 km on a single charge and will cost up to $40 thousand. It is still unknown what goals are set by Apple itself. According to some experts, the iPhone maker will be able to successfully compete with Tesla in the field of manufacturing electric vehicles, but as for the chances to compete with General Motors, they are far less confident.

Apple keeps developing its own electric vehicle in secret, but no one doubts that the company really works in this direction. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and Reuters, as well as other major publications.


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