Airbus Racer: Helicopter with Wings

Why won’t the helicopter have wings?  The guys from Airbus asked themselves this question and put the idea into practice. The new vehicle pleases its creators with its specifications, in the first place. Now the helicopter will become a much more effective aircraft.

I’m sure many have wondered why not make the helicopter faster and more efficient in flight, equipping it with wings for extra aerodynamic lift and a set of screws (lateral rotors) for a straight thrust. And finally, it has happened! On 20 June, at the Paris air show, Airbus Helicopters announced its plans to build a concept codenamed Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft, or simply Racer.

Developed as part of the European initiative, “Clean sky 2”, Racer is described as the best compromise between speed, cost effectiveness, stability and working efficiency.

Airbus representatives said that the helicopter will have a cruise speed of over 400 km/h. Its main screw and the side rotors will work from two RTM322 engines, although there is a special eco mode, which will allow to fly using one engine, to save fuel and thereby increase the range of flight.

To increase the efficiency, the body of the helicopter is made of lightweight hybrid metal composite. The release of Racer should start in 2019, and the first flight is scheduled for next year.