9 Automotive Trends 2017 That Will Radically Change the Auto Industry

Every year scientists, engineers, designers and enthusiasts create amazing car devices and accessories. This is a new survey of the freshest trends, which will probably conquer the car market this year, starting right now.

1. Caravans

The development of modern technology and the spread of innovative materials have given a new life to caravans. Especially popular are compact trailers, able to provide maximum convenience and comfort with minimum load of the car. The vivid representative of those is the TAXA ‘TigerMoth’ Trailer. Despite its small size, it has everything you need, from kitchen to bedroom.

2. Universal helmets

Modern technologies are quickly pushing forward the entertainment industry. The development of photo and video technologies, as well as the virtual reality technology, allowed creating essentially new helmets for motorcyclists. A key feature of the new product is the increased field of view and the possibility of 360 video recording, without focusing on a particular point. One of these is Real720Helmet.

3. Widespread use of LED

Led lighting is gaining popularity. LED technology is used at every step today, including the automobile market. The Citroen company has presented several conceptual models with the widespread use of this technology. Of course, LED is not the main feature of these cars, but, nevertheless, this trend deserves attention.

4. Smart accessories

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the 21st century is the era of smart gadgets and accessories. Nowadays, even dash cams have become smart, and are equipped with additional functions. One of the latest representatives of such devices is Dride. The most important thing is that it is really able to make driving safer.

5. “Immortal” wheels

Modern technologies and innovative materials allow us to create more and more incredible things, including fundamentally new wheels for vehicles. Some of these are the conceptual Green Hive wheels. The main feature of the wheels is their versatility. Theoretically, these can be installed on any vehicle, after which the wheels can wear tires of any size. Thus, the wheels can be bigger or smaller. Finally the wheels based on this technology will be very easily repaired.

6. VR Simulators

In the last two or three years, IT companies have made a sizeable step in the field of VR-technologies design and development. For the first time it has become clear that this direction has future. Car manufacturers have already got interested in the technology, particularly Mercedes, which unveiled its own simulator, allowing you to get behind the wheel of different cars. It is aimed both at entertainment and learning.

7. Compact motorcycles

In the last 5 years, the concept of a motorcycle has been changed considerably. Every year there appear more and more interesting conceptual samples. Not each of them will get onto the market, but what really matters is that they allow you to promote new materials and technologies. One of the most interesting recent concepts is the Nazo motorcycle.

8. Eco-friendly vehicles

Even today skeptics find it hard to believe that eco-friendly vehicles can become widely spread very soon. In this photo, for example, you can see the environmentally friendly Catamaran Dream yacht, which is powered by sun batteries. This kind of transport became a reality not so long ago. Knowing this, it is hard to believe that soon electric cars will fill the roads all over the world.

9. Flying cars

In fact, the first attempts to create an individual urban flying vehicle were undertaken in the mid-20th century. Today, with the advancement of technology, the demand for “flying cars” has again increased. This is greatly facilitated by the development of electric motors and unmanned vehicles. For example, the Sky2Go aircraft was designed specifically to transport people for short distances by air.