7 Weirdest Bicycles

Spring is the time of cycling. The lanes are already cleared of snow, and the imagination of the fans of cycling, warmed by the spring sun, has no limits judging by the bike models presented in our review.

1. The world’s tallest bike


Terry Goertzen, a church pastor in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, made a bike that is included in the Guinness Book of Records because of its height that reaches nearly 5.5 meters.

2. A bike skeleton

A bike skeleton is placed as an advertisement of a bike shop in the state of Alabama and is a local landmark.

3. A walking bike


It is hard to say whether somebody is ready to ride this bike. Perhaps the author of this creation wanted to say that it would be better to ride at least something than to walk on foot.

4. A bison bike


What would the environmentalists say about this invention?

5. A ‘hot’ bike


It is difficult to say whether such a bicycle will draw much attention on the roads or it will just make people turn away in embarrassment.

6. Wooden bikes


Wooden bikes are trendy today. Everything depends on the imagination and skill of the author of the project. There’s one more wooden bike that will shock you.

7. A limousine bike


The owners of this bike would probably like to acquire their own limousine very much, but their desire is restricted to nothing but a bike.