7 Craziest Bicycle Concepts

Every year there are dozens of different bicycle concepts. Some of them are quite funny, others can even be called insane. The latter category is the focus of the new author review. So, here are the first eight examples of how engineers mock bicycles.

1. Laptop-Charging Bike


This highly unusual concept is called Laptop-Charging Bike. As you might guess from the name, its key feature is a special compartment for a laptop and other gadgets that can be charged from the battery and the bicycle generator. Laptop-Charging Bike is electronic. You can also evaluate its futuristic aerodynamic design.

2. Incredible Folding Backback Bicycle


One of the few really promising concepts. Incredible Folding Backback Bicycle lets you carry it behind your back folded. A special case is used for the packaging and transportation. The bike is very lightweight, and its transformation takes less than two minutes. Ideal for all travelers.

3. Solar Powered Electric Bike


If there are cars working on solar energy, why not invent such a bike? Thus, engineers have created the concept of Solar Powered Electric Bike. As you can see, this bike has a small roof which firstly protects the rider from bad weather, and secondly serves as a basis for a solar battery. The latter is used to bring the electric motor into action, capable of replacing footwork for some time.

4. Collapsible Bike


Another very successful concept of a folding bicycle that appeared on the market not so long ago is Collapsible Bike. The bicycle is folded in such a way that it can be carried even in your hand! Perhaps this is how this transport will look in the future, and, for now, its design is too complex and expensive for the mass market.

5. BMW Concept Bikes


It is difficult to choose something in this category. The BMW car brand keeps replenishing the market not only with their concept cars, but also concepts bikes. They are traditionally distinguished by their peculiar design.

6. Bizarre Di-Cycle


It is not quite a bike, or rather a bike in very non-standard representation – Bizarre Di-Cycle. Despite some advantages in riding, the concept also acquired a number of disadvantages compared to a conventional bicycle used as personal urban transport.

7. Weatherproof bikes


The main reason why people do not like bicycles is their vulnerability to weather. Most bikes really lack a certain degree of comfort. Designers who work on the so-called «All-Weather Bicycle» are seeking to solve this problem. It does not go as smoothly as it could, but there are still a few noteworthy samples.

8. Locust Flexible Folding Bicycle

Perhaps one of the most daring and even amusing concepts is a mobile, folding bicycle. As you can see in the pictures, Locust Flexible Folding Bicycle is made from a special, incredibly flexible material, which allows twisting it like a soft toy.