5 Best Vehicles from Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

A traditional motor show in Tokyo, the 45th annual auto salon, took place from October 25 to November 5, 2017. This time a lot of really interesting novelties were shown there, each of them clearly demonstrating what the modern car industry will strive for. The lion’s share of the demonstrated novelties were concept cars, but some models will soon appear on the roads.

1. Mazda Kai and Mazda Vision Coupe

Mazda has pleased the visitors with two bright concepts. The first one bears the name Kai and may eventually turn into a new generation of Mazda3. The main feature of the novelty was the Skyactiv-X architecture, centered around a 2-liter engine with 190 horsepower. The debut of the new model is expected in 2018-2019 and apparently, it will inherit this particular engine.

The second concept of the company – Vision Coupe – was created on the basis of RX-Vision coupe, presented two years ago. The model is remarkable, first of all, for its “refreshed” design, absolutely untypical of this model line in particular and the company’s cars in general.

2. Mitsubishi e-Evolution

The Mitsubishi brand boasted its show car e-Evolution, advertised a month before the start of the show. The car’s exclusivity is reduced to its high autonomy and artificial intelligence. Apparently, the family of Lancer Evolution will not be seen again because the Japanese manufacturer is hurrying to replace it with something absolutely new, sporty and all-wheel drive! It is known that the novelty will become an electric car with level 4 of autonomy. Another Evolution will not appear until 2022.

3. Nissan IMx

The company introduced its conceptual crossover IMx, which will be powered by an electric motor, as it is easy to guess. The debut of the model indicates that the Nissan brand is clearly interested in expanding the range of its electric cars. Taking into consideration the latest trends on the market, there is nothing surprising in this. Interestingly enough, the layout of IMx is terribly reminiscent of Tesla cars, however, there is nothing shameful about this. Other prominent automobile companies also get “inspired” by the products of Tesla Motors.


4. Hot Seven from Toyota

The Toyota brand entered the Tokyo Motor Show on a high note and presented seven models of various concept cars! Did anyone else expect anything from the leader of the Japanese market? Probably not.

The company has displayed a new Century sedan, a JPN Taxi car, a brand new Crown, an outlandish TJ Cruiser, as well as a very interesting concept Fine-Comfort Ride, dubbed the “Japanese S-class” in the Western media.

5. Lexus LS +

Toyota’s subsidiary, Lexus, has also demonstrated its new products. At the beginning of the year, the car manufacturer had already pleased the consumers with a brand-new LS sedan, but it was not manufactured for the Tokyo Motor Show. In Tokyo, they showed a car nameв LS+. In general, it is still the same sedan of the last generation, but it got the Highway Teammate system of automatic control, though it’s highly unlikely that we will see it on the serial models before 2020. It should be noted immediately that, according to the company’s representatives, the HT system will only be enabled on highways.