3D Printed E-Bus Olli by Local Motors

Public transport seems to be reaching a new level, and in the near future the driver’s profession may sink into oblivion. An international team of developers has used 3D-printer to print a bus, which has all the chances of becoming the most “intelligent” vehicle in the world.

The three-dimensional printing technology is gaining popularity. Today, this method allows printing more and more new devices, and it’s not just some household trifle or a high-tech device with a narrow range of application. An electric vehicle has been created recently with the help of 3D-printing. The new development was called Olli. The unusual transport vehicle was released by a conglomerate of Chinese and American engineers and designers, created on the basis of the Local Motors Company.


Olli is not just an electric bus; it is the first full-fledged drone bus. Olli does not need a driver. It will work at the expense of remote and automatic driving.


It is assumed that a network of such “intelligent” public transportation will be maintained by IBM Watson, a supercomputer assembled by the same company.


The bus is equipped with 12 seats, and in theory it will be used on urban streets and traveling from city to city. The bus will be charged at special stations or in special parking spaces. Olli will be tested in China.


It is necessary to point out a few more interesting things. Olli electric buses may be modified and redesigned as shuttle buses or a full-fledged “unmanned” city taxi. Olli passengers will be able to contact support line operators all the time.

Finally, all Olli buses can be tracked using the eponymous application and a virtual card: one can find out their schedules, routes, and the time of reaching a needed stopping point. Experts say that the new product may bring public transport to a new level.