3 Cool Car Concepts by BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini

For its 100-th anniversary, BMW presented conceptual hybrid cars by the company’s main brands, in which they accumulated their long-term vision of the future cars. Bright futuristic design is supported by “smart” autopilot control systems.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100


No one expected such a “non-classical” coupe from Rolls-Royce.


This electric car demonstrates the new style, layout and e-drive systems, which will be implemented in further luxury car lines.

Its vertical false radiator grille is crowned with a hand-cut crystal “Spirit of Ecstasy” figurine with internal illumination.


This futuristic Rolls-Royce has a very light body made of fiberglass and is driven by two environmentally friendly motors with a total capacity of 500 kW, one in the front, and the other – in the car’s hull back.

The extremely elevated hull back gives the car a very unusual look.


The driver and passenger sit on the single couch in the back of the dashing cab. Since this is a “fully autonomous automobile”, there is no driver’s seat, steering wheel or the traditional control tools, which, according to the developers, creates a completely new perception of space.

The only device left is a clock at the top of the front panel. The interior is designed using Macassar wood and silk upholstery.


The cozy interior is more reminiscent of an expensive yacht cabin than a luxury coupe.


The concept car offers its passengers an interactive voice-controlled “virtual personal assistant”, which fully controls the car. All information is displayed on the large OLED display.

A new way of loading luggage


Since the car has two small motors, there is much more space for luggage in the front of the car. In the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, side cowls behind the front wheels open on a signal, and coffers with luggage slid out.

The radically new Rolls-Royce will preserve successful features of the traditional models – for example, an umbrella at the door.

Mini Vision Next 100


The Mini Vision Next 100 concept car is virtually the same in size as the first 1959 Mini.


This concept car is a four-seat hatchback representing a new line of autos, the design of which differs from the modern retro-style Mini models. It was developed as the company’s response to the “globalizing digital world.”

A wide track and minimal overhangs provide excellent steering response.


The concept car uses one-box body layout without a front hood, but includes an extended windscreen. A short front overhang of the car is made in the classic Mini style – a hexagonal panel and round headlights.

The look of the car is complemented by strips of LED lights on the huge front wings, a high belt line and a wide LED stop lamp behind.


The rear of the vehicle is equipped with an electric drive system, developed by the BMW parent company.

The existing electric drive technology has been tested on the Mini-E and provides zero emission level. The 200 hp engine is powered by a 35 kW lithium-ion battery, which allows the car to travel up to 160 km without recharging.


Sliding doors, a large glass area and small size is the best solution for a compact city car.

BMW Vision Next 100


The wheel arches’ flexible design perfectly represents “living geometry”.

The anniversary BMW concept car surpasses both previous cars in terms of exquisite exterior. Excellent wind shape helps achieve an aerodynamic drag coefficient of only 0.18!