10 Bikes That Will Cost You a Fortune

Around the world, the bike is believed to be an affordable means of transportation. However, this rule has its exceptions. In this review, we have gathered the bikes, which are considered the most expensive in the world.

1. IKEA Electric Bike

Price: 749€

Total weight – 27 kg. IKEA e-Bike is equipped with a 250-watt engine.

2. All Mountain Bike

Price: 1180 €

BMW produces a wide range of these bikes. Among them, we can find both gorgeous mountain bikes and the models designed for urban roads. Each of the BMW bikes is powerful, durable and reliable. For example, the All Mountain bike has 30 speeds and hydraulic disc brakes.

3. Penny-farthings

Price: 1475 €

Per Olof Kippel is a well-known architect who decided to breathe a new life into the old-fashioned penny-farthing bikes. His retro-bike got its name from the 2 English coins.

These farthings are only assembled manually, which only adds to their popularity.

4. Peugeot AE 21 Bike

Price: 1674€

Peugeot has recently released a new prestigious model of АЕ21 bike, which is a real e-bike. This product can be easily folded, which makes it even more attractive. In addition, the AE 21 bike can become not only a means of transportation on city roads, but also a power station for charging the owner’s mobile phone.

5. E-Bike by Smart

Price: 2750€

In 2012, the Smart company presented a new electric bike. In 2014, this model was further updated (a spacious luggage compartment and wide wheels were introduced). Instead of the traditional bicycle chain, E-bike has a carbon toothed belt.

6. Lacoste Bike

Price: 3680€

Not so long ago, the company started producing city bikes, in addition to sports models. The weight of a Lacoste city bike is 10 kg; it has 8 speeds. The model has an original color scheme – it is painted in solid white. This bike was released in a limited edition (just 200 items).

7. Audi Bike

Price: 5480€

In 2011, the German carmaker presented a bike with a wooden frame. Thanks to this, the total weight of product decreased 4 times, as compared to the aluminium analogues.

The company has released 3 models: DuoSport – for sports, DuoCity – for the city, DuoRoad – for country roads.

8. Hermes Smart Bike

Price: 8320€

The French brand, Hermes, does not lag behind in smart technologies. The company released a collection of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber bicycles in 2013. The weight of each product is 11 kg. They are assembled manually, which increases their exclusivity. The price of a Hermes bike is 8320 €.

9. Gucci Bike

Price: 11300 €

Designer Frida Giannini is the author of Gucci Bike. Such a bike immediately became a sign of style and extravagance. These bikes, branded with green-red Gucci signature stripes, are differentiated not only by speed but also by color. Thus, white bikes are designed for the city, and black ones – for mountain travels.

10. Gold bike

Price: from $500,000

There are only 13 gold bikes. Each of them is 100% assembled manually. The corporate logo of the American manufacturer company is inlaid with 600 400 black diamonds and yellow sapphires. All the details of the bike (except suspension parts) are covered with gold dust, and the seat is decorated with crocodile leather.