10 Awesome 3D Printed Cars

Three-dimensional printing opens up unprecedented horizons in the field of production. Maybe in a few decades, it will be easy to take and print any object or device in a special salon or even at home. It is possible that cars will also be among the printed things. Anyway, today they are created with the help of 3D-printers.

1. Shelby Cobra 56


The Shelby Cobra 56 car was almost entirely printed on an industrial 3D printer. The exclusivity of this car is that today it is one of the strongest candidates for mass production. This car is modern, light and very powerful.

2. Strati


The Strati car, printed on a 3D printer, is only one of its kind today and essentially conceptual. It was developed by a group of researchers from a number of universities. A distinctive feature of this model is the high rate of 3d-printed parts, perhaps even the highest to date (approximately 85% is printed).

3. Blade


Hard to believe, but the fashionable car with the symbolic name – Blade – has also been created with the help of 3D printing technology. Unfortunately, the rate of printed parts is not so great (about 25%), as in other models. On the other hand, Blade should be noted for being the first printed sports car. This prototype accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds.

4. Light Cocoon


A German pilot car, Light Cocoon, was presented at the latest Geneva Motor Show. The machine was created using 3D printing. The car is mostly notable for its design. It is impossible not to pay attention to the specific illumination of the body, which makes the body look like an organic structure.

5. Lotus 340r


Another experimental vehicle – Lotus 340r – has a fairly high degree of printed parts. There are more than 40%, which is not much at first glance. We should add that the car is one of the first printed ones, as it appeared back in 2002.



The futuristic car, GENESIS, looks not very much like a car. It resembles some sort of cocoon or an egg. Its body shape was chosen for a reason. The concept is positioned as one of the safest for a driver in a road accident. As for the number of printed parts, GENESIS is an absolute record-setter – 100%.

7. LM3D


Unlike the previous point, LM3D car has the potential to appear on the market, or rather its future derivatives have all the chances to be in the market. In the end, the car was developed two years ago. There is nothing fancy in LM3D, it is very practical, having everything that a modern car should have. The printed parts ratio reaches 75%, which is a nice result for the constructors.

8. Soulmate


Another pearl of the Geneva Motor Show 2016 is Soulmate. The car is also conceptual. It has only 50% of printed parts; on the other hand Soulmate has a chic set of gadgets and enhanced functions.

9. StreetScooter with 16


The recently presented StreetScooter-16 can be considered almost an ideal means of urban transportation. The car is 75% printed; in addition to this, it works on the electric motor. It has good driving characteristics. It can boast almost everything but an attractive design.

10. UrbeeManufacturer


The UrbeeManufacturer car is one of the first printed cars in the world. Beside the futuristic design, this model boasts no less futuristic fuel system that runs on biofuel. The car is used mainly for city driving.