Voliro Omnidirectional Hexacopter Drone

Developers have managed to overcome the stiffness and monotony of unmanned aerial vehicles by creating a drone with six rotary engines. The creators of Voliro have proposed a simple but ingenious idea – using all six screws of the drone to change its position in space, stabilize it and increase agility.

Changing the direction of the airflow from the propeller, you can control the drone’s position in space by providing it with 12 degrees of freedom, which will allow the hexacopter to fly in all directions and turn without losing stability. The main objective of the Voliro project is to create a flying object able to move quickly along the walls to detect defects in the coating or cracks in building structures. The drone can be used to effectively evaluate the bearing capacity of buildings and structures after earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters.

A team from the University of the Arts in Zurich (Switzerland) has been working on the prototype for more than 9 months. Earlier, the same team, along with Disney Research, designed Verti Go – a four-wheeled Rover that can move on vertical surfaces, and Omnicopte – a cubic-shaped drone with an 8-rotary engine and unlimited capabilities of moving in either direction.

The final version of Voliro will be equipped with a ball located at the center, for moving along the horizontal surface of the Earth. Of course, Voliro is inferior to any ground vehicle in mobility, but it is better at flying in different directions with a high degree of stability and maneuverability. The production of the serial samples has not yet been announced.