The VMware Data Center Virtualization Expert Level Certification Exam

Achieving the distinction of certified expert in any discipline is not for everyone. For many IT professionals, attainment of the professional or advanced professional level credentials in a certain discipline is sufficient.


However, if you wish to truly advance your career or must, as part of your professional development plan, document your expert level knowledge and skills with vSphere, then you will want to learn more about the VMware version 4, vSphere data center virtualization expert level certification exam.

This test, which is simply titled the VCDX4-DCV exam, is targeted to upper level designers that must validate their professional skills in vSphere design projects. The certification which can be earned with successful completion of the VCDX4-DCV exam is beneficial for designers that are employed by a single business and for those who work as freelancers or consultants as well.

As a highly advanced certification, this path requires you possess extensive knowledge of vSphere, version 4 and that you are able to demonstrate a full understanding of working within the parameters of the platform in designing virtualized data centers that will truly meet the needs of businesses, clients, and customers.

Gaining as much hands on experience as possible with the platform is essential. So is preparing thoroughly for the exam, including the use of formal training and/or self study or online tutorials. Don’t forget the value of practice tests either, like those found at for example. These tests allow you to determine where you may need to study further before taking your VMware exam. They also make it possible to familiarize yourself with the testing format and test question focus before the date of your formal exam rolls around.


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