Ultra Thin Flexible Gorilla Glass by Schott

Almost every month, engineers and scientific laboratory workers from around the world inform us of the sensational discoveries in various fields of electronics. Eventually, many of these events would inevitably cause manufacturers to launch flexible and more functional electronic equipment on a commercial scale.

For example, the German Schott company announced the creation of durable and flexible 25-micrometer thick glass (almost 4 times thinner than a human hair), which in the future may be used in all sorts of flexible gadgets. The strength of the product is achieved by the use of ion exchange technology, similar to that used to create Gorilla Glass.

The product of the Schott Company can be bent to the radius of nine millimeters, without showing signs of damage. The manufacturer produces ultra-thin glass in kilometer-long ribbons that are subsequently stored in rolls. Now, engineers are working to create the glass that would be only 10 microns thick.