Smart Transformer Home Robot One

If you want to make the child interested in science and technology, you should buy a transformer robot with the option of changing the system by using programming languages. This “toy” is suitable not only for the youngest ones but also for those who have not visited the playground for a long time.

Nowadays, robotics and smart technologies are developing at a shocking rate. With each year that passes, the so-called “home” or “family” robots are becoming increasingly popular. Their main task (as a rule) is social interaction with people. One of such robots, produced by Thecorpora, appeared not so long ago. It was created thanks to the crowdfunding campaign and was called “Qbo One“.

The first feature of Qbo One is that the robot will not function immediately after buying. First, it must be assembled! Mind that the robot has a lot of details. Without a user manual, even an engineer would fail to cope with it. However, the whole family could easily be involved in the assembly task. It is also important to say that assembling the robot is the simplest part of the work ahead. The robot’s design is simple but pretty. Qbo One is positioned as a desktop robot for children and adults. The height of the device is 40 cm.

The second important feature of the novelty is its software package. After assembly, the robot can work on the basis of one of the systems. It can be synchronized with a number of devices in the house, in particular with mobile gadgets. Due to a set of sensors and cameras, Qbo One can recognize and remember people and then communicate with them. The bot supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, can take pictures, shoot video, record and play audio.

The most important thing is that the Qbo One system has an open code. This means that adolescents and adults with the knowledge of Java, C++, PHP or Python will be able to write new algorithms for the robot or modify the existing ones. Thus, the machine performs entertaining, social, household, security and educational functions.